In Greek, Philosykos means the friend of the fig tree, whose fruit was believed to contain the power to strengthen intelligence. Philosykos holds the natural olfactory balance of the whole of the fig tree. The leaves and flower add a touch of green freshness that the woody note of white cedar finishes off. The sap and resin give more complexity to the structure of the perfume. For lovers of fig and for those who wish to become acquainted, Philosykos is just the thing. It should be noted as well that this is Diptyque's best-selling scent.

Diptyque - Philosykos
100 ml
DETAILS: This pure encapsulation of the fig, Philosykos, which translates to friend of the fig, is the original and definitive portrait of the fig plant, bringing together not just the fruit, but the wood, soil, and leaves as well. The result is one of the most organic, fresh, and all-around pleasant scents you'll ever encounter.
FRAGRANCE NOTES: fig tree leaf, fig tree wood, and white cedar