On May 18th, 1980 Mt. St. Helens erupted sending a 40 mile wide cloud of ash into the sky and devastating over 150 square miles of the surrounding landscape. Occurring between Seattle and the location of our newest Blackbird store in Portland, we've chosen this momentous occasion as inspiration for our newest Blackbird product: The Mt. St. Helens Blackbird Soap Set.

This charcoal ash based soap has a distinct woodsy-mint fragrance from a bouquet of Oregon peppermint, Washington geranium, Portland rose, and Pacific Northwest cedarwood. These ingredients are fused together into two black cubes, one for Seattle and one for Portland.

This set includes two black 2.5" x 2.5" cube soaps with images of local icon Harry R. Truman*, a topographical view of the volcano's unusual blast pattern, and the date '18th' stamped on all six sides. The two soaps are packaged in a 5" x 2.5" volcano replica box: the white lid is the snow at the summit while the black box features illustrations of the surrounding forests that were blown down by the eruption like dominoes.

*Harry R. Truman was famous for refusing to evacuate the impending eruption that subsequently claimed his life. He was a WW1 veteran and had run the Spirit Lake lodge in the shadow of St. Helens for 52 years. His terminal stubbornness granted him folk hero status in the months leading up to the eruption as he was convinced that a mile distance and a lake between him and the volcano would spare him. Rest in peace Harry.

Blackbird - Soap Set
DETAILS: Handmade in Washington state, with Oregon peppermint, Washington geranium, Portland rose, and Pacific Northwest cedarwood, this soap set includes two 2.5" x 2.5" cube soaps in black with stamps on all sides. Brilliantly dark, fragrantly light, and completely devastating to dirt and germs.