It is traditionally believed that the giving of a knife as a gift to a friend will cut or sever the relationship. To avoid such ill luck, the recipient should give a coin in return so as to "pay" for the gift. It is common to include a coin with the knife as a gift which the recipient is to return as "payment".

The Field House Bone Handle Knife is a perfect gift for almost anyone. As many of you resourceful folk may know, when you are lacking a letter opener, box cutter, or staple remover, or when you're stuck with an urge to whittle, slice an apple, or practice your knife throwing skills, a pocket knife would be about the handiest thing possible. This one comes in a very cool bone handled version that shows distinctive flecks and coloration and is packaged in it's very own gift bag. A perfect gift for those that have everything or the stocking that feels a little light.
The Field House Bone Handle Knife
in bone
DETAILS: Features include a single 2.5 inch blade, with locking mechanism, a white bone handle and a $1 Sacajawea coin all packaged in a Field House branded canvas bag with a card explaining the superstitious terms for gifting a blade.