Some of our families tend to hit the sauce pretty hard around the holidays, and for good reason - it warms us up on a cold day, it takes the edge off of the stressful holiday season, there are a lot of interesting holiday-specific liquids that benefit from a splash of whiskey or a drop of rum, and it helps us cope with spending so much time together. This year, why not give a practical gift that they'll actually use (and hopefully pass over to us after they take a nip)? Check out Filson's thoughtful accessories for the distinguished drinker: their bridal leather and stainless steel flask.

Filson Flask
in bridal leather and stainless steel
DETAILS: Stainless steel flask with bridle leather cover and embossed C.C. Filson Co. logo. Built to hold 6 fluid ounces of your favorite high quality hooch, and equipped with a leather exterior to shield your hand from the cold metal, this classy drinker's must-have accessory also comes with an easy-open screw top that's anchored to the flask so you won't lose the cap when you decide to crack her open in an advanced state of inebriation.