The function of a snake boots is to protect from venomous snake bites while venturing into the wilderness. There are many varieties and styles for this function, all with one thing in common: snakes can't bite you through them. Hence, the name.

These particular snake boots are made by Yuketen Shoes. The combination of brand and design results in a boot that isn't just snake proof, it's any damn thing proof. With super tough Horween leather and hand stitched true moccasin construction to name but a few details, it's basically a Native American version of an engineer boot. Which means that they are as home on a motorcycle as they are hiking in the Grand Canyon. A truly American boot built like a tank and now half off the original price.

Founded in 1985 by designer Yuki Matsuda, Yuketen pays homage to American craft and traditions by seeking out extraordinary examples of footwear and luggage throughout the Appalachians and high Sierras. Each Yuketen piece is made by the hands of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen out of the most durable and precious raw materials.

Yuketen Shoes - Snake Boots
in two tone brown
DETAILS: Made of thick and tough-as-nails leather, these pull-on boots rise to just above the mid-calf and feature a wide Horween leather boot shaft with an adjustable leather strap at the top and a pulling loop at the rear, perfect for tucking pants into. There is an adjustable strap over the ankle, for additional support, true hand stitched moccasin construction, 360 Goodyear welt construction, and a heavy, black rubber, Vibram brand sole. A denim cinch satchel is included.
$874 $437.99