The first time I discovered the infamous Snout & Co. truck, parked close by Blackbird in Ballard, I was in too much of a hurry. I had heard about them from a friend and was duly warned just how good their food is. I was busy on an errand and told myself I'd return for an order on my way back but got too caught up in the task at hand to remember about them.

A couple of weeks went by, and, while on yet another errand, I spotted the truck again. This time I was ravenous and past ready for lunch. I took a quick look at their menu, perusing the sides and mains until I came upon a sign that had been taped to the bottom of the menu. It described the daily special, the "Carolina Plate" that included a South Carolina-style pork sandwich with cracked coriander apple slaw, collard greens, and mac and cheese. At $10 it was clearly the best deal and my saliva glands were already working overtime at the prospect of the scarfing.

I checked to see what time they were heading out was and it turned out to be in a scant ten minutes. I placed my order for the Carolina Plate which garnered a knowing smile and head nod from the cooks, as though I were somehow in the know. I told them I'd be right back as I had to run to the post office three blocks away. My hunger hoofed me hastily and pretty soon I was back, out of breath, money in hand, and stomach screaming.

I must say it was some beyond good barbeque. The pork was moist and spicy (each sandwich comes with a choice of ancho-ginger or habanero honey), the collards were smoky and delicious and the mac and cheese tied it all together with a down right god-damned tastiness rarely equaled in the Seattle's barbeque circles. Tuesdays they are in Ballard down at NW Market St & Tallman Ave NW (by Ballard Blossom) from 11-3. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already. If Ballard is out of your way, check out their website for other Seattle spots they are known to frequent. You simply will not be disappointed.