Many of you know Tyler Johnson from his long tenure at Blackbird. What many may not know about him is his hobby, profession, obsession, and side business, SKYLMT. The company manufactures bike parts and accessories and was started this past year with his friends Corbin Dahl and Colby Elrick.

Tyler is always coming in with bruises, cuts, limps, and other maladies and until you realize that Tyler spends most of his down time riding the way he rides, you start thinking he's just some accident prone goof ball.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Check out Tyler's blog, for a sampling of just how good he is at fixed freestyle bike riding and be prepared to be blown away. Below is a clip of Tyler in action filmed from Nov to Dec 15th of 2011. Tyler is also hard at work on designing men's suiting and shirting for Blackbird. If his tailoring is as good as his riding is, we're sure that the end result is going to awesome. Just be prepared for the suit to have scuffing on the knees and elbows...