Many of you may know our amazing Ballard Mexican restaurant, La Carta De Oaxaca. Working so close to such an amazing eatery definitely has its perks. So it was with great anticipation that I went to check out their newest location, Mezcaleria Oaxaca up in Queen Anne. Upon entering, you feel a similar vibe to La Carta, but the ambiance is a little more homey and intimate. The first thing you see past the front door is the large, looming bar, boasting a full selection of the finest Mezcals from Oaxaca and the rest of Mexico, as well as anything else one might need to wet their whistle.

The dining room is in the rear of the building and is compact compared to the Ballard restaurant, but the wait, even on a bustling late Friday night was less than 10 minutes. The decor is very similar to La Carta and a plethora pictures, some back-lit in box frames, decorated much of the wall space. Both my date and I hastily ordered Micheladas that were served just as cold and spicy as we had hoped. Both tables to the right and left of us inquired about our beverage choices and after we gave up the low down, the table to the right ordered five of them.

Our appetites weren't at their fullest after a hearty late lunch, so we simply ordered the chips with bean dip (extremely highly recommended), the tacos dorados, and a bowl of pozole. The chips were served warm and salty (a must for me) and the bean dip was a standout, being a creamy refried bean concoction served with cotija cheese on top and piping hot. The tacos dorados came soon after and were the perfect small meal - three rolled tacos stuffed with pulled pork and pineapple in a spicy barbeque sauce and topped with crema fresca, and cotija cheese and served with black beans and guacamole. The posole, actually a pre-Columbian staple of the Aztecs, was a filling brew of hominy, pork, fresh veggies and tangy spices and arrived with a plate of fresh corn tortillas in tow that tasted like they were made minutes before.

Luckily for us, Mezcaleria is within walking distance of our apartment (just barely, but the long jaunt justifies many visits with its great calorie burn) and as a result, the next visit will most definitely be soonish. If you're a fan of La Carta, you'll absolutely love it's new Queen Anne cousin. And I have a suggestion for the owners - give me a complimentary Michelada every time I visit, and I'll make sure I get at least one other table to buy a round of them...

Mezcaleria Oaxaca
2123 Queen Anne Ave. N
Monday - Thursday 5 - 11
Friday - Saturday 5 - 12