"A fragrance that couldn't exist in a bottle that shouldn't exist."

This new fragrance opens like a slap in the face with what initially smells like brown packing tape. One is captured by this seemingly strange smell and immediately transported to an alternate reality as could only be conceived by Comme. On second whiff, brown packing tape has never before smelled so irresistible and haunting. Reminiscent in some ways of Robert Piguet's famous chypre, Bandit, CDG EDP holds onto a synthetic leather note through all stages of dry-down.

What we find even more wonderful than this unbelievably addictive chemical, toxic tone are the more subtle facets that diversify the blend. Hawthorns and lilac provide both a soft floral and leafy green backdrop which help accent the perfume with a gentler and more complex edge and contrast. The styrax and then musk at the base, which adds a powder-like tinge, along with renowned Comme aldehydes and safraleine (reminiscent of both leather and saffron), act like a shot of steroids injected into the olfactory's vantage point of the fragrance on the skin. You back your head away for a rest, but dive back to continue the search of just what the hell powers this potent bouquet of enigmatic intoxication.

We began by saying that you must smell this perfume to understand its scent because, while packing tape is an excellent starting point to describe it, there's so much more going on. The way the fragrance plays on each person's skin is so dynamic, so intensely personal that none of the words provided so far do the juice its due justice. This is a perfume we will be wearing, smelling, and advocating for all occasions for an indefinite amount of time. Possibly forever.

Brown Packing Tape Artist Mark Khaisman's "Emily, Arielle, and Helen" 2007
(packing tape on plexiglass 36"x48")

Comme Des Garcons - Eau De Parfum
3.4 oz.
DETAILS: Dryer sheet and burnt plastic. Glue and packing tape. Comme des Garçons has created their most Comme des Garçons perfume to-date, simply entitled "Comme des Garçons Eau de Parfum." Truly, this fragrance must be experienced to fully understand the nature of the scent carried within the confines of its misshapen, partially melted bottle.
FRAGRANCE NOTES: FRAGRANCE NOTES: Aldehydes, Safraleine, Hawthorns, Lilac Flower oxides, Industrial glue, Brown sticky tape, Musk, Styrax