If you didn't know about our selection of hand picked vintage leather jackets, here are two new additions to say hello to. One is decorated in punk rock iconography and another is emblazoned with a tough looking military lapel pin. Both are broken in and seething with the inimitable cool of a black leather jacket.

The black leather jacket has always been the uniform of the bad, the rebellious and the outsider. The Hells Angels, the Black Panthers, punks, goths, metalheads, gay bar cruisers, and many of rock and roll's non-conformist icons all brandished, at one time or another, the black leather jacket. Whether for protective or fashionable reasons, the effect is as menacing as it is stylish.

Sizing is as exact as possible and it is best to come in and try them on or call our store or web customer service to get accurate measurements. All Blackbird vintage items are final sale.

Blackbird Vintage - "Wilson's" Leather MC Jacket w/ Snake Print
in black
DETAILS: It is approximately from the mid to late 80's or early 90's. It is marked a size 36 and has a polyester lining. The zipper brand is YKK and all zippers work perfectly. The left side of the main zipper is colored in red. It has a stylishly evil snake design painted on the right sleeve that slithers to the back of the jacket where it entwines through a combination pentagram/anarchy 'A'. There is also a hand-painted 'Harley Davidson' emblem on the bottom back of the jacket. There are front and rear belt loops but no belt.
size: 36


Blackbird Vintage - "Wilson's" Leather MC Jacket w/ "U.S." Lapel Pin
in black
DETAILS: It is approximately from the late 70's or early 80's. It is approximately a size 40 and has a polyester quilted lining that has a few rips. The zipper brand is YKK and all zippers work perfectly. It has a 'U.S.' pin on the right lapel. The main zip pull has worn into a bronze-copper color. This jacket is nice and broken in and has rad scuffing and abrasion throughout. As an added bonus, it was found with a front key pocket-full of fuses which the next owner shall inherit for good luck.
size: 40