The Moon's prominence in the sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art and mythology. The Moon's gravitational influence produces the ocean tides and the minute lengthening of the day.

The Moon also has had an influence on our branding and as a result, we present to you the Moon Tote bag. Spacious for any of your needed nocturnal supplies, it's made of durable, heavy duty canvas. Also in our Moon series is our Moon Logo Tee Shirt and the darkly delicious Blackbird Moon Tea. For a full selection of Blackbird goods, please visit our website.

Blackbird - Moon Tote

DETAILS: This bag is for the dreamers. A bag that flashes the full moon on its side like a secret club's cryptic signal. Fits books, records, clothing, and rations easily for those midnight walks or dusk-time shopping sprees. American made natural colored canvas tote bag with 10 x 10 inch full moon in a night sky Blackbird logo on one side. Measures: 13" W, 15" H. Made in the U.S.A.