Abe Lincoln had style. Stove pipe top hat, bad ass bow tie, always wearing suits, and that beard. And if you look closely, you might notice the lack of 'stache. Like the fashion aspect of his look, the 'stache-less beard requires some work. We're here to help anyone's shaving needs from the President on down. Happy Birthday to Honest Abe and happy shaving to you.

Baxter of California - Safety Razor
DETAILS: Double edge safety razor by Baxter of California. First introduced in the 18th century, this style of wet shave razor remains first choice amongst young and old alike. Comes in a matte black gift box and includes starter pack of blades and a detailed instruction card.


Baxter of California - Travel Shave Brush
in black
DETAILS: Second to the razor blade, the 100% natural Badger Hair Shave Brush is the essential tool used to achieve the best shave possible. Badger hair has a great ability to retain water (which helps create a lather when mixed with a shave cream) improving the barrier between the razor and skin, lifting facial hair to ensure a smoother shave with less irritation. The pure badger hair travel aluminum shave brush features a two piece aluminum handle with a matte black anodized finish.


Malin+Goetz - Vitamin E Shaving Cream
7.5 oz.
DETAILS: Oil-free, residue-free moisturizer combines vitamin E, vitamin B5 and soothing chamomile with absorbent fatty acids for an intensely nourishing treatment. Absorbs immediately, unlike traditionally greasy, pore-clogging oils. Perfect for an immediate make-up application.