We're very excited to introduce the Barton jean from Nashville, TN based denim connoisseurs Imogene+Willie. These jeans are a story that's waiting to be written. Since the beginning, Imogene+Willie have only offered these at their Nashville brick and mortar location and their website, but starting this year, a select group of retailers are now stocking them, including yours truly.

Imogene+Willie was started by Carrie and Matt Eddmenson in 2009 after Sights Denim Systems, who had employed them for 20 years, closed its doors for good. Named after Carrie's maternal grandparents, Imogene+Willie have always been about the richness of family and the stories that grow from it, much like leaves on a tree.

Their jeans, hand-crafted and designed by a family generations deep in denim manufacture, let you create your own stories as the jeans wear in through use, travel, and everyday experiences, creating a fit and patina you end up feeling a kinship to.

Imogene+Willie - Barton Jean
in rigid
DETAILS: The Barton is a moderate slim-straight fit. It has a slightly lower rise and is slimmer from the knee down than it's elder sibling, the Willie Jean. It's made with premium Cone Mills selvage denim that was woven on antique shuttle looms in the U.S.A. Other iconic details include vintage-esque rivets, contrasting gold and copper stitching, orange selvage, and their signature "+" embroidered on the middle side of the right thigh.
sizes: 29x32, 30x32, 31x32, 32x32, 32x34, 33x34, 33x34, 34x32, 34x34, 36x34