To the faithful this blog preaches to, Rick Owens is a designer who needs no introduction. With many current designers playing safe and traditional within an unpredictable economy and industry, Owens, ever trend-less and never one to worry about others' opinions, ventures forth this Spring/Summer season with a grouping of menswear that features body conscious man skirts and elongated, dress-like tunics.

When the Associated Press asked about this latest collection's penchant for male skirts and dresses in a recent interview, the ever-quotable Rick Owens quickly shot back with, "It's a niche, but I like the niche." (read here) While Scott Schuman, better known as the brain behind the Sartorialist, makes the obvious yet interesting observation in New York Magazine of how no current political figure "would ever be caught wearing Rick Owens." (read here)

To be sure, Owens' "un-traditional" take on men's fashion might be bewildering to the less-forward thinking press and public, but to us, it's poetry in fabric and design. We've recently received the Rick Owens delivery for this season so now's the time to grab some of the viciously unique style that Rick Owens is known for. For a full selection, go here...