Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching. Do we know what we're getting that other special someone? Well, we're taking care of some of the thinking for you. Every day from now until the 14th, we'll be providing you with some gift-giving scenarios to help choose the sweetest present for your sweetie.

For the stoner couple, we've chosen the Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle and the Scanwiches book. Once you've taken care of the rituals, light (don't smoke) the Cannabis Candle to create a relaxing aura within which you then open the Scanwiches book, spend a whole hour planning which six sandwiches you want and then narrow it down to the Dagwood (pictured above) which contains about every ingredient any of the other sandwiches contain. All in love is fare...

Malin+Goetz - Cannabis Candle
9 oz.
DETAILS: Synthesizing sexy green cannabis and spicy extracts for an uplifting intoxication and general aphrodisia,Cannabis is modern and addictive. This peppery candle burns on its own and is beautifully paired with our fresh green neroli, creating a unique blend and perfect sensory balance.


Blackbird Books - Scanwiches
156 pages
DETAILS: A fresh way of looking at the world's most versatile food, Scanwiches is a declaration of love for that ubiquitous meal between two slices of bread: The Sandwich. From Europe to South America, India to Vietnam, the hamburger and BLT to the wada pav and banh mi, sandwiches are often representative of regional and national identity - the food of the everyman.