888 is how Comme des Garcons interprets the scent of Gold to be. Minerally speaking, gold is certainly not the least frequently mentioned of all precious rocks, and maybe it would have been more fitting if Rei Kawakubo was interested in something less usual, like pyroxenite, a stone taken from deep sea crust. With 888, in both the choice of inspiration and the resulting fragrance, it's clear that she chose to lean away from the absurd, moving instead into the realm of flawless representation. Gold is the king of stones, and 888 reflects that by capturing the majesty, warmth, and pleasure of the historically high-valued material.
Comme Des Garcons - 888
100 ml
DETAILS: Several notes used gratuitously throughout history come together in unison in 888, notably geranium and patchouli which give the fragrance most of its body. Though what's unique about 888 is the expert use of spices, including safraline, a molecule derived from saffron (the golden spice), coriander (a seed which comes from the same plant as cilantro leaves), and curcuma (tumeric). My favorite inclusion is pepperwood, a brilliantly crispy and spicy wood that works with the spices to strengthen the scent's edge, sort of lingering over the other notes while getting inside your nose in a very good way. Finally, Ambergris at the base helps the scent dry-down into something almost powdery, at least quite warm and sensual. If any scent in our shop is unisex, it's 888, sure to dazzle and surprise you and anyone else with the pleasure to stand close enough for a whiff.
FRAGRANCE NOTES: Curcuma, Coriander, Pepperwood, Geranium, Safraline, Ambergris, Incense, Patchouli