We've just added CB I Hate Perfume's "Revelation" scent to our already expansive selection. Water based and suitable for adding your favorite fragrance to fabrics and skin alike, CB I Hate Perfume's water perfumes are non-staining when applied in light sprays at a distance of eight inches or further away.

CB I Hate Perfume - Revelation
100 ml
DETAILS: CB does a twist on the conventional fig perfume with Revelation/Fig Leaf. The result of blending honey, amber, and woods, with fig leaf, is a nostalgic scent, unplaceable but reminiscent of something candy-like; in a good way. Like a candy that smelled so weird and pleasant to you as a kid that the scent stuck with you. Like a candy forgotten by time that's been lying in wait to be brought back to the world. And above all, it smells laced with green fig leaves. Revelation smells fantastic, relatively clean, and often pulls people in trying to find their long-lost sweet; it's an unusual and delightful fig fragrance for the lover of fig or for anyone who wants to smell simply great.
FRAGRANCE NOTES: Fig Leaf, Honey, Spices, French Labdanum, Virginia Cedar, Amber, Cypress