Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels are the owners of maverick clothing line, Isaora. With it, they've managed to take their love of the outdoors and active wear and start a clothing company that's not only inspired by these loves, but is also able to blend them with an ecologically sound and fashion-forward thinking. They sum it up perfectly on their website: "Whether you confront the elements on snow-covered peaks or a driving rainstorm in the urban jungle of everyday city life, ISAORA provides style, performance, and protection wherever your adventure takes you."

Recently, Ricky and Marc took time out of their busy schedules to sit down and answer a few questions. Here's how it went down...

What is an Isaora?

RH: An isaora is a piece of clothing belonging to a collection that is designed and made according to the principles of understated excellence and elegant simplicity. It is also a word that is derived from the expression "ahora si" often interpreted to mean 'Now's the time'.

What inspired you to start your own brand?

RH: I guess really the spark of inspiration was the lack of inspiration! We both had an appreciation of technically advanced materials and garments but aesthetically the performance world just didn't resonate with or inspire us. We saw no reason why fashion and performance/function should not exist together. Nobody was doing it very well and we had a feeling we could!

Our customers might simply see Isaora as a collection of clothes that fit nicely into their Northwest lifestyle; tell us about the action-sport side of your business.

RH: Well, when we started out it was with the intention to utilize and incorporate some of the best elements from the world of performance clothing in a modern and relevant way. We believe clothes should perform exceptionally as well as look great. We always wanted a part of the collection to be able to function equally well in the cities in which we live and the mountains that we love. So yes, one side of the business is focused on the snow sport market, but it's just a different point of view that exists within the same collection.

What's was the best and worst things you ever designed? How did your customers react?

RH: Not sure how to answer that one! Successful design should give the customer years of use and aesthetic pleasure, bad design hopefully never makes it into production! I'm pretty sure most of what we do falls into the first category ;)

When can we order the Bentley x Isaora ride? What’s the story on that thing?

RH: Haha, I want one first! We recently participated in Aspen Fashion Week and Bentley was one of the sponsors, they asked us to design a custom concept car. That's the story so far...obviously we'd love to see it become a reality, but we're not holding our breathe!

What are some of the influences behind the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection?

RH: Spring/Summer 12 was based on the idea of alchemy and the potential for transformation.

What inspires you guys on a personal level?

RH: Adventure, discovery, travel, different cultures, technology, evolution, nature, life!

When were kids did you play with Legos? If so, how did you play with them?

RH: actually, not so much. I just wanted to be outside all the time as a kid...climbing trees, kicking a ball, making shit. I was a little older when I got into art, music, and being creative so I kinda missed my Lego period!

MD: My brothers were always stealing the key pieces to my lego sets so I learned early that Tinkertoys were far less frustrating.

When are you coming to Seattle?

RH: Soon we hope. We are definitely overdue for a northwest road trip!

MD: If you see a tricked out ISA-Bentley on 22nd Ave, you know we've arrived.

Many thanks to Ricky and Marc for taking the time to answer our questions. We really appreciate their approach to design and functionality and it really shows in their clothing. For a look at what we mean, please view our Isaora selection at our website, www.blackbirdballard.com.