Did you know that Blackbird sells 5 different price levels of clothing? That means that we sell pants and shirts from $65 to $665 and jeans from $75 to $575. I'm sure those prices look a little scary but 50% of the clothing we sell are in the $ and $$ price ranges. Plus, to make things easier, our store is organized from less expensive on the left to more expensive on the right. This helps our customer find items that fit their budget more easily.

Do you value cheaper clothing because you like to shop often and update your wardrobe every season, or do you buy few garments but wear them hard until they die? Ask your friends. We are all so different. That is why Blackbird offers you lots of choices; you are unique and you should be the ones that decide what value is to you.

Check out our latest selection from Obey. They are our favorite entry level ($) brand that can be worked into any wardrobe. Even our dark and high-end fashion customers have a few Obey pieces in their wardrobes.

To discover how to mix and match brands and price levels, get more from your current wardrobe and discover your personal style contact Seneca Torres in Ballard or Leslie Puett in Portland to book a personal shopping appointment.