Blackbird's Tellason trunk show last night was super fun. Tony Patella, one of Tellason's cofounders, was in attendance and talked some serious denim and drank some serious Hilliard's with his adoring fans. Congrats to our new buddy Todd who won a brand new pair of Tellason jeans! A few from the party:

Todd, the winner of best worn denim, kicking back a Hilliard's.

Todd's winning pair.

Long time pal Jordan slides in at a close second with his cut-offs.

Denim guru Tony Patella.

"The thing about jeans is..."

Tony outlining the finer points of the new Tellason indigo jacket with Chris.

A slightly more clear image of the same coat. Call 1 800 500 2524 to order one before it hits the web!

Rick Moe, Blackbird's denim expert, shares a rare smile for Hilliard's.

This time it's Rick detailing out his own vintage denim to a curious customer.

Left to Right: Chris, Ryan, Bird Boy, and Seneca (after at least one Hilliard's).

Thank you to Tony Patella, Hilliard's Beer, and everyone who made it out! See you next time!