After a whirlwind week in Korea for Seoul Fashion week, I've seen enough to fall in love.  From no-rules street style to Kimchi Chigae, there was enough to do to make sure I didn't get any sleep for a week.

Fashion week was held at the War Memorial of Korea this time around.  Located in Yongsan, this museum meets memorial seemed like an odd pick for showcasing the latest Korean collections.

Jung Ae-Ri, manager of Seoul's culture and industry department said "visitors, especially from those abroad, will be given a chance to think about what actually happened decades ago in this country, walking into the building."

The War Memorial of Korea is located under Namsan mountain which houses Namsan Tower.  From almost any spot on the Han River, you can see this mountain and tower looming over the northern half of the city.  

There were 180 overseas buyers and journalists present this year (up from 120 last time).  The organizers seem to think the international rise of Korean culture from dramas to K-pop have influenced the international attention to Seoul Fashion Week. 

Speaking of K-pop, everywhere I went, this song was playing.  But strangely enough, almost every single restaurant I went to was playing Radiohead.

I saw as many menswear shows as humanly possible and had countless meetings with designers.  Stay tuned over the next week to see the amazing and sometimes crazy styles that Seoul has to offer.

The view from my hotel in Gangnam