Here we bring you a look as easily suited to day-to-day dealings as it is to a night out on the town.

At the foundation of this one we've got a Vim Beget Base T-Shirt atop a curved-seam Odyn Vovk tank. If you're working with a lot of darkness, variation is key. Subtle layering like this instantly ratchets up the put-togetherness of your look, and also creates a lot of interest and motion in your silhouette.

On the legs are a pair of Robert Geller lounge pants, which if you can imagine this, are sort of like a perfect mixture of a chino and a sweat pant. You get the comfort here without compromising the style (you don't go wiping Cheeto-dusted fingers onto these guys).

The whole thing is rounded out by a pair of super-chic earthy-grey A.P.C. derbys, a nail-adorned chain from Obey, and an amazing military-inspired jacket from Alexandre Plokhov

In this look edginess and formality speak softly together. Its modern and asymmetrical geometry defies any stiff associations a uniform might carry, but the overall composition is rooted in the familiar—perfect for whatever, and whenever.