Based on a certain Scandinavian cinema professor at the University of Washington, this ensemble embodies the best of Ballard's smarts and saltiness. Think of it like this: Picture the coolest young dad you've ever seen, free of all pretense and effortlessly put together, and then imagine that he's also an internationally celebrated avant-garde architect. This guy could be seen on the streets of Seattle or Helsinki, as easily as in the pages of Wallpaper* Magazine.

Aiming for pragmatism through and through and sharpness from head to toe, we tossed together five pieces of our new Fall haul from Obey: a big black parka with a chunky knit cardigan, a cushy faux-denim shirt and an easy heather grey tee, all on top of a weekend-ready pair of mustardy distressed chinos. 

Pull on a pair of red-laced hike-boot-esque Tretorns, and you've got the perfect preparations in place to face the elements in style.

Now if it could just get back to raining again…