Our Viking's Blood runs thick with Scandinavian influence.  If we're not outside admiring our wheat and garland, we're up at Copper Gate eating Polse med Lefse.  These are some of the many reasons we are excited that the Nordic Lights Film Festival is upon us!

SIFF and the Nordic Heritage Museum have teamed up to bring contemporary and award-winning Scandinavian features, documentaries and short films.  Lovers of Scandinavia and film in general should definitely not miss this - most of these films do not get wide releases in the U.S.  This might be the only chance to catch them on the big screen - instead of laying in your bed with a laptop and Netflix.

Tickets are available through SIFF's website.  For a full list of films being screened, click here. You won't only be seeing some great films but you will be supporting two great local institutions - one of them right here in glorious Ballard.

There are definitely quite a few films we are looking forward to.  As huge Bergman fans, Liv & Ingmar looks to be fascinating.  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter which screenings you're interested in!

Liv & Ingmar

Moomin and Midsummer Madness

Who doesn't love Moomin?!