Some of our team was lucky enough to head out to the Big Apple for The Elements Showcase, the greatest North American perfume trade show of all time, and the New York Gift Fair, a friendly alternative to your regular cardio workout. We walked away from both with big surprises and wonderful inspiration. That said, we also had some down time on the trip, and here are a few things we recommend to the tourist and citizen alike in NYC.

1. Mikey's

For a real burger, we recommend the Mikey's Burger, medium-rare, served with onion, corned beef hash, special mustard, and bacon. Also, the darker ketchup available on the countertops which appeared to be a mix of ketchup and Sriracha is absolute genius.

2. The Met

The upwards of four hours we spent here was not enough, even considering most of us had been to the museum before. Please take some time to see the amazing creations humanity produced before Instagram.

3. Serge Lutens full collection at Barneys

This was a true gem. Previously unavailable anywhere but the Paris boutique, the full line of Serge Lutens "bell jar" exclusive fragrances, including such masterpieces as Iris Silver Mist and De Profundis, is for the first time accessible to an American audience at Barneys NY. We could spend as much time here as at the Met. Almost.

Until next time, stay busy New York City.