What perfect timing for RA to release a feature documenting the current state of the industrial techno union. The harsh, distorted noise historically reserved for "squat raves" has found a new, broader audience in the wake of the "post-dubstep" musical environment. The rest of the article does a much better job than we ever could outlining these things, so please read Resident Adivsor's piece if you're interested in learning more.

Let's say, however, that you're going to a party somewhere and you find out they're going to be playing strictly 2012-2013 industrial techno. What would you wear to an event like that? Peruse below for a few pieces capable of embodying the grim, minimal outlook prevalent in today's budding scene.

Robert Geller
Type D 5-Pocket Skinny Jean
in Black Sepia

Odyn Vovk
Curved Seam Tee
in Black

Odyn Vovk
Invisible Hoodie
in Black