In January we hosted Rebel & Mercury for the Northwest Indie Perfumers Circuit. As is customary for the Circuit, Nikki, the nose behind the line, put together a unique candle for us in honor of Blackbird. The smokey tobacco paired with vanilla does a great job capturing the essence of Blackbird in a candle, and the dark, sinister packaging perfectly compliments the scent. Pick yours up today in-store or online.

Rebel & Mercury - Blackbird
Nikki from Rebel & Mercury put this dark candle together for us. Finding a fine balance between the scents of vanilla and smoke, bridged together by tobacco, this is a perfect candle to burn alone in the evenings. Somewhere in between the scent of a fireplace, burning incense, and pipe smoke, without any of the dingy, sooty notes often associated with burnt objects, the vanilla takes the deep, hazy shades and builds them into something exotic and mysterious. Although this candle would function perfectly as something to be lit when having company, there's a certain presence to the aroma that does create a sense of being joined by a companion even when burning alone. 60 hour burn time. Notes: Smoke, Vanilla, Tobacco