"ISAORA brings a “light” inspired collection for Spring 2013. Shapes and textiles reflect the theme in both color and weight. Clean lines, color hues and fits in the ISAORA garments express the looks while lightweight fabrics push performance. While “adventure” is always on the mind with the collection. ISAORA adds more of a sartorial approach in the construction of trenches and blazers. Keep an eye on technical fabrics while browsing the garments which are, in many ways, the hallmark of the line." - selectism

"Mom always said, “don’t stare directly into the sun,” but luckily the design team at ISAORA didn’t listen. Using the light spectrum as their inspiration and color palate, the SS 13 collection is expected to brighten up your wardrobe.

The bright colors interact with geometric patterns, and founders Marc and Ricky wanted to play with the idea of colors “in between white (pure light) and black (no light).” Known for their innovation and integration of technology, the duo continue to push the limits of what they can create. The ISAORA man has an appreciation for both nature and technology and enjoys traveling the world." - wearethemarket

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