As our 5 Weeks of Tyranny + Mutation is ending, Tyranny + Mutation is running a 15% off coupon code and like any good big brother store would, Blackbird is showing off some of the finds. This is non-seasonal vintage that isn't normally marked down and most likely won't be marked down again, so keep in mind when you're drooling over the pieces that they're priced as low as they're ever going to be.
Tyranny + Mutation
80's Stacy Adams Madison Boots
in size 10

Tyranny + Mutation
80's D'Revi MC Leather Jacket
in size 48

Tyranny + Mutation
1988 Iron Maiden 7th Son
in size M

Tyranny + Mutation
60s Overdyed Fishtail Parka
in size M

For the full selection of Tyranny + Mutation clothing and accessories check out their website, our website, or mosey up to the loft above Blackbird.