We finally have pictures of these iconic, hard to find pieces by bless. As they explain on their website, "BLESS is a project that presents ideal and artistic values by products to the public". These accessories will occupy a special place in your wardrobe and art collection alike.

To learn more about BLESS designers and products, check out their website. We also like this cool article "The (incomplete) ABC's of Bless" on

BLESS - Handmade Buttons
DETAILS: Each of these buttons is totally unique and handmade; normally sold in sets of ten, but we're selling them individually so that you can choose your favorites.
assorted sizes and colors

BLESS - "No° 20 o.kayers Sunshield"
DETAILS: Designed in collaboration with Alain Mikli, the Sunshield is part of the No° 20 o.kayers collection. The sides and nose-pads are adjustable for a custom fit.