Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D81C289 Double layer t-shirt
in black
DETAILS: A beautiful double layered u-neck t-shirt. The layers come together at the hem and sleeve, allowing the neckline to fall nicely while the other areas bunch and twist. Made in Japan from a lovely t-cloth cotton which feels very light and airy when on the body but still manages to stay tough and stretchy.
sizes: 1, 2, 3 (sold out)

Diet Butcher Slim Skin - D81D001 Leather sneakers
in blue
DETAILS: This time around DBSS's basic sneaker is made from this unbelievable foiled goat skin leather. They are built super tough like boots but when worn somehow manage to feel light as a feather. Due to the silhouette, these can be worn a number of ways; slim pants tucked into them, pants going over the top, pants cropped at the ankle, etc. Once they are on your feet they are surprisingly subtle and work in an endless amount of configurations. The foiling is made to age beautifully with wear and any inconsistancies in the processing should be considered intentional and embraced! Please note that these may run a little narrow.
sizes: 2 (42), 3 (43)