In recent months, Blackbird has welcomed quite a few new faces to our sales team, so we've put together a refreshed roster of our staff. Put on your shoes, hop on your bike, or get in your car if you must, and come introduce yourself. We really think they're the bees knees and we're sure you'll feel the same.

Elena Chávez

Sales Manager

Elena came to Blackbird in March and has been wowing our staff and customers ever since. Come in and ask her for tips on anything from suits and ties to where to grab the best lunch in Ballard - she knows her stuff.

Ty Ziskis

Welcome to the newest member of our staff! Ty just relocated to Washington after a brief stint in the hot desert of Arizona, so if you hear of any great houses available for rent, come give him the low-down.

Melissa Fank

Melissa has been at Blackbird for just a short time, but she's been working in fashion since she graduated from FTI in New York. She loves art history and people watching.

Leo Gebhardt

Leo has been with us since Autumn, but we recently welcomed him back after his tour with T.v. Coahran. Come talk fashion, music, or even Boston Terriers with Leo.

Tyler Brown

Tyler is the man behind our online sales. He enjoys Osamu Dazai.


If you're interested in becoming the newest member of our sales staff, check out our previous blog post for more details and contact information. Or if you know someone who you think would be great, pass on the info.