Coming to Blackbird for fall/winter 2008 will be the "Under Summit Wear" line from Japan's N. Hoolywood. To celebrate this, we were able to get in a handful of these special boxes from Dazed & Confused Japan completely dedicated to the brand. Included in the box is a newspaper, written in both English and Japanese, detailing the influences of each of the brand's collection as well as an extensive interview with designer Daisuke Obana and other background on the brand. Included with the very informative paper is also a free-size t-shirt and iron on decals to arrange as you wish -- as the t-shirt suggests, you are expected to make your own!

Dazed & Confused Japan - N. Hoolywood Special Box
INCLUDES: newspaper with extensive information on N. Hoolywood and free-size t-shirt with two iron on decals to cut and design as you please

N. Hoolywood is the creation of Daisuke Obana, known to his friends as Mr. Hollywood. He developed a taste for vintage clothes early in his life and through repeated trips to Los Angeles as a buyer for vintage stores, quickly acquired the now famous nickname. His shop, located just behind the upscale shopping mall Omotesando Hills and off a very discreet side street, began first as a vintage shop but has since grown to become one of the most popular brands in the Japan fashion world. His collections are influenced heavily by Americana and his love for all things vintage. This special Dazed & Confused issue is an excellent peek inside Obana's always working mind. Check it out for great articles about the brand's wide range of influences including Apollo 11, Jello Biafra, Edward Gorey, American Splendor, Phil Spector, Obana's love for pho, and a lot more.

The "Under Summit Wear" line is N. Hoolywood's standards line, specializing in top quality basics. Each piece comes packaged in a gorgeous custom box and is made from the absolute best materials. Everything is made with the possibility of sizing up or down to suit your taste -- buy your normal size or up for a perfect looser fitting t-shirt or you can even go down a size for a snug fitting undershirt that will stay with you for many seasons to come. When the pieces arrive in early August, we know our customers are going to be just as excited for it as we were when we first experienced them at shops in Tokyo. Until then, you'll just have to settle for the Dazed & Confused N. Hoolywood special box!

The picture up at the top was taken during my trip to Tokyo in March 2007. It was actually my second trip to the store. The day before when I had attempted to check it out, I was stopped at the entrance by Obana who kindly informed me I could not enter as they were having a buyers exhibition that day. I returned promptly the next day and fell immediately in love with the store's atmosphere. Just about exactly a year later, it seemed almost surreal to be returning to the store this time as a buyer, passing through the block setup at the entrance as before.