Blackbird was featured in the new version of's seasonal buyers guide! We are very happy to have gotten the opportunity to be featured, as well as to share with you guys some of our favourite items for the coming season.

Click here for the article's entrance or here to go directly to the opening of our slide. Below are our selections, photos courtesy of Chris Astley and

Nom de Guerre - Regulation P-coat
"For the coming season Nom de Guerre is working with an incredible rubberized cotton for their outerwear and we were completely blown away by it. We felt that using the material on a classic pea coat was a great twist." $1053

Tim Hamilton - Lounge Tights
"Everyone needs a little luxury in their life and Tim Hamilton delivers it in an easy to digest form." $432

Robert Geller - Leather Backpack
"We have seen a lot of backpacks lately but Geller's really stands out above the rest. The techy design manages to stay surprisingly subtle and most importantly, very functional." approx $1105

Julius - Sheepskin jacket
"No leather has been getting us more excited than this sheep skin jacket from Julius. They do such an amazing job with all of their clothes, constantly impressing us with fit, materials, and construction. The leathers especially are highly recommended and made to last a lifetime." approx $2550

Lad Musician - photo t-shirts
"Always working in collaboration with iconic artists and photographers, Lad Musician's photo t-shirts have become quite sought after over the years. For this season's heavily Rolling Stones-influenced collection, they are using these photographs as sort of a "look-alike" series. The cool photos combined with excellent fit and soft Peru pima cotton should make anyone happy." approx $135

.. in addition to what was featured in the article, there are a couple other top choices which unfortunately didn't make it due to space restraints. Those are as follows..

Diet Butcher Slim Skin - Face Tote Bag
"Diet Butcher Slim Skin has been one of our favourite brands in the store recently and this bag does a great job at representing what they are about; even within their dark avant-garde world exists cute and fun images such as this. The hideaway tongue, made with an irregularly bleached custom gingham check fabric, is a perfect example of their crazy attention to detail." approx $260

wjk - t-shirt packs
"wjk's t-shirt three packs include three t-shirts of the same cut made from varying weights of jersey cotton. It is a rather genius idea that helps to keep a fresh life to your favourite t-shirt no matter what the season." (photos show all three weights and the final/bottom photo shows just the loose gauge and pile cotton weights)short sleeve/approx $200 long sleeve/approx $235