Just published on was a single look preview from a number of America-based menswear designers set to have their runway shows early next month, including several featured at Blackbird. Along with the look is a quick bit from the designer explaining the collection/looks. Click here for the article or check below for the Blackbird brands shown. Photos and text courtesy of

Band of Outsiders "Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, an odd Esquire piece from '82 on gym attire, Velcro, and old Coast Guard uniforms I found on eBay."

Robert Geller "Bohemian styling and classic tailoring. The mix of formal and casual silhouettes, romantic colors, and subtle texture evokes a hazy spring day in Eastern Europe."

Tim Hamilton "Spring '09 is my take on futuristic streetwear, where boundaries are erased, shapes are gender-ambiguous (but inherently masculine), and fabrics are a juxtaposition of steely fabrics with soft yarns."

Rag & Bone "Our key theme is postpunk English counterculture fashion, from Jamaican rudeboy to British skinhead."