The much-anticipated "Marcello" frame from Robert Geller's fall/winter 2008 collection should soon be arriving to us. Named after Marcello Mastroianni (pictured above in 8 1/2), the frame creates quite a perfect classic silhouette perfect for either men or women. The frames will be coming in four colors and, as with the Joseph frames from the collection's first shipment, will be available in either clear or dark lenses. We will post photographs as soon as they arrive of specific details but for now, they are available for pre-order with a non-refundable 50% deposit. Please e-mail if interested!

Robert Geller - "Marcello" Frames
DETAILS: made in Japan, above photo comes courtesy of Robert Geller
sizes/black/clear lens: one size
sizes/brown/clear lens: one size
sizes/dark brown/clear lens: one size
sizes/matte black/clear lens: one size
sizes/black/dark lens: one size
sizes/brown/dark lens: one size
sizes/dark brown/dark lens: one size
sizes/matte black/dark lens: one size
(all pairs are now completely called for -- thanks!)