A couple Lad Musician items we will be receiving with our shipment from them were featured in the newest issue of Men's Non-no. We will be receiving the star cardigan shown on the left, as well as the silver foiled corsage shown on the right. In addition to these items, we will also be receiving a raglan sleeve pullover crew neck sweater of the same style/color as the cardigan and end on end chambray corsages in navy, blue gray, and black.

Lad Musician - Intarsia Cardigan [on left side]
in black
DETAILS: 32% wool/25% modal/20% nylon/10% silk/8% angora/5% cashmere, features a white intarsia-style knit star mid-stomach and on the left hand wrist, comes as only one size
sizes: 44

Lad Musician - Small Foiled Brooch [on right side]
in silver [pictured] or gun metal
DETAILS: foiled leather, comes also in a larger size