We have received a shipment from the always exciting world of New York's Pleasure Principle. It's been nearly two years since receiving our very first shipment from the brand and still, every time a shipment comes in we become completely fascinated with the fun designs.

As always, the collection is completely unisex and without borders. These items are intended to be played around with to give your own personal feeling and style. Don't worry!

We have one item up so far on the webstore (link) but more are coming soon, along with some better pictures! For locals, though, everything is available right now in the shop -- both the items below and more.
Pleasure Principle - Kimono Sleeve Cape With Hood
in black/white stripe
DETAILS: The piece that is so far getting the most of our attention. The dark tendencies of a big oversized cape gets a touch of playfulness with a woven linen stripe fabric and buttoned front closure. A great item to play around with during the springtime.
sizes: S, M

Pleasure Principle - High-Neck Shirt
in white (pictured) or black
DETAILS: Button-up shirt with fencing-style off-center/curved button placket. The buttons on the collar can be buttoned high for a more dramatic look or allowed to fall freely. The shirts are made from a very soft and airy lightweight batiste fabric which is very springtime-friendly.
sizes/white: S, M
sizes/black: S, M

Pleasure Principle - Cotton L/S Stripe U-Neck T-Shirt
in black
DETAILS: Lightweight enzyme-washed cotton long-sleeve t-shirt. The complex stripe patterning is made up of slight variations of weight in the cotton, forming a gradient-like effect that goes from a solid black knit to a looser, almost sheer knit. Due to these varying weights, the extra long length allows for a nice bunching effect along the body. The cotton weight is very breathable, making this an excellent layering piece through the spring and summer. Although the cut is slim and clingy, the fabric is a bit stretchy so the "medium" we have available should accommodate even much smaller men or women, as well as slightly larger.
sizes: M
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Pleasure Principle - L/S Top with 'Y Front' Pocket Detail
in black (not pictured)
DETAILS: Long-sleeve U-neck top made from a comfortable cotton jersey. The front portion has an inverted-Y stitching detail with almost an underwear-style pocket at the base.
sizes: S, M