Julius - 257STU4 Stole
in steel
DETAILS: Julius's stoles are well-known as an incredibly useful styling piece. The fabric has a perfect amount of drape which allows it to cling to itself and fall in terribly beautiful ways. This fabric was produced by the famous Italian textile company Faliero Sarti (see this post for more on them. More Faliero scarves will be coming through the summer!) and has a very soft, light feel which seems somewhat delicate while still remaining strong. Due to its large size (about the size of a twin-size blanket), these can be molded and formed in all sorts of creations. Bunch it up for a basic scarf-style or let the draping take hold for endless elegant possibilities.
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See below for some styling examples of varying levels of extremity...

(above photo shown with Diet Butcher Slim Skin linen coat)