As mentioned a couple weeks back in this post, we have received a new shipment of lovely basics from Under Summit Wear by N. Hoolywood. We have finally gotten a chance to photograph these items so please see below for details. We have also received re-stocks and some larger sizes of popular styles available previously. Below is also a full stock list of what is available at this moment.

Please see this post for the full rundown on N. Hoolywood Under Summit Wear as a brand; the details, packaging, idea, and details on items from the first shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are not available through Please e-mail or call (866 500-2524) to order.

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (note: If the item is not shown in the below photos, please see this post for details)
1 RCH V-Neck T-Shirt/white - sizes 36, 38, 40
1 RCH V-Neck T-Shirt/t.gray - sizes 36, 38
2 RCH Crew Neck T-Shirt/t.gray - sizes 36, 38, 40, 42
3 RCH Tank Top/t.gray - sizes 36, 38, 40, 42
5 RCH Crew Neck Long-Sleeve/charcoal - sizes 36, 38
6 RCH High Gauge Wool Knit/black - sizes 36, 38, 40
9 RCH Socks x 3/black, off-white, gray - one size
12 RCH Sweatshirt/r.gray - sizes 38, 40, 42

N. Hoolywood Under Summit Wear - 10 RCH High-Gauge Knit
in t.gray
DETAILS: Long-sleeve light-weight knit. Although this is 100% cotton, this style was modeled after early 1900s wool knit underwear. It is made from a terribly soft cotton knit which can be worn either as an under layer or alone as a sweater. The doubled weave around the hem and lighter weave along shoulder line emphasize the look of authentic old-fashioned knitwear. Made in Japan from 100% cotton. See 6RCH High Gauge Knit in previous post for super soft wool version.
sizes: 36, 38, 40

N. Hoolywood Under Summit Wear - 2 RCH Crew-Neck T-Shirt
in black
DETAILS: Slim-fitting basic crew neck t-shirt. The cut and styling is minimal but subtle details can be found all over. The chest pocket features an inner "invisible" separated pocket which can be used for the wearer's individual preference; in particular it was made perfect for cigarettes in the main pocket and lighter next to it. The neckline is shaped to allow for comfort; not too loose while not being suffocatingly tight. Made in Japan from super soft 100% cotton.
sizes: 36, 38, 40, 42

N. Hoolywood Under Summit Wear - 8 RCH Trunks 2-Pack
in black/t.gray [two pairs]
DETAILS: Set of two old fashion trunks made from a high-quality cotton with subtle details all over. The elastic waistband stretches comfortably to fit the body but other than that portion, these are made from a super soft cotton with no tags or anything else extra on the inside portion. The fly is secured with really beautiful buttons and they have a single back pocket. Aside from simply looking classy, the piping along the sides and hems is meant as a shirting detail which helps control stretch. 100% cotton. Made in Japan.
sizes: 36, 38, 40