The current issue of the Japanese magazine Men's Fudge has a couple little sections dedicated to Robert Geller. The first page comes from a basic summary of him while the second page is later in the issue, focusing on coordinating with the FW2009 collection.

Translations by Alex Scharf.

(Thought Bubble) "A tough masculinity and artistic subtlety, both are important."

The New York designer relates his city and fashion.
"I don't know of any other city that is filled with such a dangerous, powerful energy. It takes in people, as well as everything around them, in a kind of disorder," narrates Robert Geller, speaking about New York, the city he calls home. Since coming to the United States from his native Germany in order to study fashion, Geller has become a fashion representative of New York. "Taking a base of strength and romanticism, a very manly style, I add the fine details of art and music. Strength alone is not enough, and soft sensitivity by itself is not enough. The sensation of mixing both is what's important."

Seven days of New York mode style by Robert Geller.
Robert Geller, New York men's fashion designer, has been attracting quite a bit of attention lately. Here he has outfitted Daniel, a staff member at Geller's atelier, with seven days of apparel from his 2009-10 fall/winter collection. Sticking to the use of casual yet finely woven materials, don't miss this chance to get an early look at next season's items!

The beautiful gradation shirt is the focus of the outfit.
Dyed with a process called “dip dye,” the beautiful gradation cotton shirt is the centerpiece of this outfit. The fit of the jacket and the volume provided by the shawl around the neckline give the outfit a casual yet elegant air.

Dressed-up style through the charm of carefully-constructed layers.
One of next season's key points is based around the refined sophistication and dressy style of late 19th century Vienna. The cut of the vest fits beautifully across the body.

Small, fine details within a hard, manly exterior.
A leather parka based around a military motif fits beautifully across the whole body. A removable liner makes the coat perfect across three seasons – equally wearable in fall, winter, and spring.

In a minimalistic style, fine details are condensed.
A minimalistic style infused with a feeling of European elegance. The off-white turtleneck slightly showing is an important focal point of the outfit. Also of note are the leather sleeves of the coat.

The fine balance between knit sweater and jacket.
Combining the tight silhouette of the pants and jacket with a rather voluminous mohair knit, the look gives a slight punk style.

A slightly relaxed feeling, offset with an adult, monotone style.
A henley shirt underneath a cardigan, combined with a graceful, slightly loose-fitting pant are the focus of this relaxed outfit.

A trench coat with a playful heart.
A denim trench coat that is wearable across many occasions is a highlight of next season's collection.