Vanity Fair's new October issue includes a great little feature on Blackbird apothecary favorites, Malin + Goetz. If you're not entirely familiar with this amazing line of skin and haircare products, the article gives a great overview of the simple yet focused perspective from which the company's founders, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, have decided to tackle today's skincare conundrums.

From Vanity Fair's October 2009 issue:

Five years ago, New York-based Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz set out to create a modern interpretation of an old-world apothecary, harking back to a time when skin care meant simply washing and moisturizing.

"Skin care should be easy," Malin says. "We've just taken that to the most luxurious level."

Most of their face, body, and hair products are for both women and men, and there are special products to nurture sensitive skin and those complexions that are more resilient. Their beauty ethos is all about balance and duality. "Everything throughout the brand is about this synergy," says Goetz.

Malin + Goetz debuted in 2004 with 11 original products and has since expanded its line to more than 50, including two new unisex eaux de toilette, two shampoos, and a hair mask, all of which come out this fall.

And, because theirs is a problem-solution brand, bottles are labeled in green for body, red for hair, and blue for face, lest you find your skin-care options luxuriously overwhelming.

-Jessica Flint

Malin + Goetz - Synthesized Geranium Leaf Eau de Toilette
DETAILS: Malin+Goetz's synthesized geranium leaf is scientifically engineered for its green fresheness. Innovative and modern, this fragrance performs on its own or as one half a system to create a unique sensory experience. Formidable and long-lasting, this fragrance performs on its own or paired with the subtle freshness of our Petigrain Tonic, creating a unique sensory balance tailored to an individual or couple. NOTES: Top notes of green apple and cyclamen. Middle notes develop with beautiful geranium and coriander and dries down to a subtle musk.


Malin + Goetz - Gentle Neroli Shampoo
DETAILS: Synthesizing natural neroli extract with hydrating amino acid protection to effectively purify and balance all hair and scalp types, including processed hair and sensitive scalps. Unlike traditionally harsh detergents, this mildly foaming shampoo rinses free of residue and built-up without drying, stripping, or irritating. Calming neroli and moisture-rich proteins strengthen and protect leaving hair healthy and scalp conditioned. Natural fragrance and color. Easily integrates into daily maintenance and prevention regimen.


Malin + Goetz - Intensive Hair Mask
DETAILS: Malin+Goetz intensive hair mask scientifically blends essential fatty acids with natural plant extracts and wheat amino acid proteins to restore dry, damaged, and chemically processed hair. Effective for all hair and scalp types, this fortifying treatment helps replenish moisture and repair damage for advanced, residue-free conditioning and detangling. Nutrient-rich grapeseed helps strengthen and protect while meadow foam seed nourishes, leaving hair soft, shiny, and healthy. Natural fragrance and color. Easily integrates into daily maintenance and prevention regimen.