The name "MA" began appearing a couple years back to separate Julius's mid-season collections from the main line. The line was originally (and, to a point, still is) intended to be primarily for the domestic (Japanese) market; a "basic" line to work in unison with the main Julius line. SS2009 launched the line as its own official collection and for the current FW2009 season we have brought in a small handful of items. The line still truly incorporates the Julius aesthetic while also making it accessible to someone who is looking for a more clean, easy-to-wear garment.

Expect to see the MA line carried in Blackbird much more extensively come SS2010.

These items will be arriving very soon, but for now see below for a quick preview. Please e-mail or call with any inquiries.

A note on the sizing; due to this originally being intended for the Japanese market, the sizing does run slightly smaller than the main Julius line. If you are worried about the sizing, please feel free to contact us.

MA - 280BLM1 Jacket
in black
DETAILS: A super warm nylon/polyester puffy jacket in a slim fit; something rarely seen for this style. Super minimal design with high neck and double zip/button closure. The outer fabric layer has a very beautiful subtle brushed-like sheen that is very soft to the touch; the inner layer equally soft and smooth, making it very easy to wear with rough winter layers. Note that, due to the thickness of the fabric, this jacket fits especially slim.

MA - 280CUM16 Zip Cardigan
in black (also available in khaki)
DETAILS: A classic Julius item made in a thick ribbed cotton. The fit is very tight but the fabric stretches to conform to your body and, with wear, will continue to relax. A very functional layering piece which can be worn alone or underneath a jacket for extra volume and warmth. Double zippers with a slightly high neckline.

MA - 280CGU3 Sling/Body Bag
in black
DETAILS: An incredibly interesting and yet still functional creation. This bag is one long rectangle with zips on either side. It can be opened completely, slung around the body, and then zipper back up to create the "bag" portion. Quite a lot can be done with the shape and it is very fun to play around with, making it something which truly becomes part of your outfit when in use. Made from a soft pigskin with cotton lining.

MA - 280STU1
in light gray (also available in black)
DETAILS: A ridiculously comfy scarf in that perfect soft shade of gray that just makes you feel happy to see. The long length and great thickness will keep you toasty through the winter and will never go out of style. 68% wool/16% nylon/16% acetate ribbed knit.