Another shipment from Julius is on its way and this one contains some of the wildest pieces we have received from them. The most extreme two examples are below; both of which will keep you looking very distinctive in the wintertime while keeping you incredibly warm and comfy, wrapped in some of the nicest fabrics around. The items are a lot of fun to just play around with, so once they arrive please come into the shop and hang out while experimenting with the madness! These items are very unisex, so we hope the ladies will stop by, as well.

Julius - 277COM8 Wrap Coat
in black
DETAILS: An incredible wrap coat made from a terribly thick and heavy felted 71% wool/29% cashmere cloth. This fabric is going to become even more beautiful and characteristic with daily wear and tear. Julius has been making a similar cut of cardigan for quite some time but this one can act as a true winter coat. Wear the oversized front portion as it falls or wrap it around your body, securing it with the included belt. The fabric can be manipulated to make your own unique style. Contrasting with the loose, extra fabric in the body, the sleeves fit nice and slim to create a very striking and dramatic look.
sizes: 1, 2

Julius - 288KNM4 Oversized Wrap Cardigan
in navy
DETAILS: Rather unbelievable wrap cardigan made from a super cozy viscose/tencel/wool knit blend. Dropped shoulders, oversized sleeve length, and enormous volume throughout the body creates a very unique relaxed image. The color is a very deep, beautiful navy which looks great with dark colors. Something you really have to see and handle to believe!
sizes: 1, 3