Editor's note: Julius' newly-marked-down 277KNM4 Knit has been one of my absolute favorite fall pieces since I got to wrap myself up in it for a photo shoot earlier this season. With its oversized cowl/hood and intricately woven contrasting sections, this amazingly versatile piece of knitwear offers you a vast array of options for different looks and layering whether it's worn underneath or on top of other garments. Check out the details below - suffice to say, if you appreciate craftsmanship and forward thinking in clothing design, this piece is pretty tough to argue with. Get yours before I put both of them on layaway. -Kris

Julius - 277KNM4 Knit
in navy
DETAILS: 55% viscose, 23% Tencel, 20% wool, 2% silk multi-pattern sweater with oversized drape cowl collar section and extra long sleeves in navy blue. This insane sweater features five distinct patterns and amazingly well considered, versatile design. With contrasting knit sections at the arms, back, cowl, and chest, sleeves that can be worn long or bunched up to create two distinct proportions, and a huge oversized collar section that can be worn as a hood, swung around the neck like a scarf, doubled and tucked at the shoulders to form a large cowl, or fixed into a hybrid shape of your own, this transformer of a sweater offers the forward-thinking fashion conscious a wealth of style options. Wear this dark, proportion-focused piece with the sleeves extended under a long black coat for glimpses of dark blue drape, wrap it like a cape over your slim leather or cotton jacket, or try it out as outerwear over mixed fabrics, lengths, and layers. The stunning texture, rich shade, and astounding construction quality of this garment will keep you discovering new ways to wear it for years to come.
$1371 $1096.99