Ryuta's Welt (Ryuta's World) - Part 1

Konnichiwa. My name is Ryuta aka "Du-tah", a Tokyo-based artist/hobo. I've been in Seattle for three years and now working for Blackbird/The Field House as Vintage Buyer and Merchandiser.

As you all know, when winter comes and little creatures hibernate, we humans have an opportunity to stay warm too by playing with layers to create lovely outfits only found this time of year. I have styled two outfits that consist of my perspective and analysis of winter layers for The Field House's mannequins.

Men's outfit includes: vintage Eddie Bauer shirt, vintage bow-tie, RRL Long Sleeve Crew, Filson Jac Shirt, RRL Beacon Jacket, Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest, and RRL Officer's Field Chino.

Women's outfit includes: Cosmic Wonder Light Source Round Collar Shirt, vintage bandana, Filson (mens) Wool Western Vest, vintage women's jacket, and Woolrich Knicker Shorts.

As far as my inspiration goes, a mixture of qualities or styles often unifies my visual aesthetic, meaning that I appreciate outfits that give me different impressions or associations, rather than ones that give me a single impression. "Style" is merely a limited notion that is created, integrated and followed by groups of people. I would rather combine diverse qualities or styles to indicate a sense of a whole new "world", just like combining different materials and tools to create a unique painting. One time, my pal looked at my outfit and asked me if I was a grandma or hippie, and that certainly made my day. Those outfits in the photos, however, are styled with my personal aesthetic and energy, particularly for this blog.

Some may wonder why I chose that swankily lovely bow-tie for that hunting/working outfit, but the reason why is simply because hunters or outside-workers can wear a bow-tie. Regardless of whether or not you are ready to chop some logs, adding "mismatching" or "out-of-place" quality of the right kind to your outfit can be an adventurous pleasure. Others may wonder why that granny vintage jacket with the brooch is put over her hobo-looking outfit. One of the most precious things about granny items is their intricate details and delicacy. It is almost my natural reflect to add that quality to random outfits for their intentional imbalance and playfulness.

I hope you guys had enjoyed your few minutes with me. The mannequins are shown at The Field House, so please come by. It is always my delight to come across and create playful outfits. I would like to attempt to post more in the future.

Danke schön. 有り難う。

Ryuta Iwashita.