WI-3058 Terry Crewneck Sweatshirt
in dark black/charcoal (shown top left) or charcoal (shown bottom right right)
sizes: XS - XL

WI-5036 Westpoint Slim Twill Pant
in black or navy
sizes: 28 - 36

WI-4039 Waterproof Chambray Mountain Parka
in black or indigo
sizes: XS - XL

WI-5039 Recycled Fleece Sweat Pants
in oatmeal (shown), charcoal (not shown)
sizes: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36

WI-4038 Recycled Fleece Sport Jacket*
in charcoal (not shown) or oatmeal (right)
sizes: XS - XL

*note: not intended to be worn as a suit. seriously.

WI-5032 Ventile Pant
in gray (shown left) or navy (see below)
sizes: 29 - 36

WI-4035 Ventile 3 Button Field Sport Jacket
in gray (see pant above) or tan (right)
sizes: XS - XL

WI-4034 Ventile Field Mac Coat
in tan (shown right)
sizes: XS - XL

WI-3054 Tiger Terry FB Coat
in gray/natural
sizes: XS - XL

WI-3052 Tiger Terry Full Zip Hoodie
in natural/gray or natural/gray stripe
sizes: XS - XL

WI-8030-1 L/S Oxford Button Down
in navy (shown), red (see below), blue (see below) or white (shown)
sizes: XS - XL

WI-8029-1 S/S Oxford Button Down
in white (see above), blue (shown), red* (shown) and navy (see above)
sizes: XS - XL

*note: red looks more red than pink

WI-5037 Westpoint Twill Shorts
in black, khaki (shown above), navy (shown above) or olive
sizes: 28 -36

WI-8030 L/S Plaid Button Down
in black (shown) or navy/white
sizes: XS - XL
WI-5033 Chambray Short
in blue (shown) or black
sizes: 28 - 36

WI-4033 Full Zip Chambray Hoodie
in blue (shown)
sizes: XS - L

To place a pre-order, come in to Blackbird, email or 866-500-2524. If there is an item or size you would like to inquire about please ask. Thanks.