Konnichiwa. My name is Ryuta aka "Du-tah", a Tokyo-based artist/hobo. I've been in Seattle for three years and now working for Blackbird/The Field House as Vintage Buyer and Merchandiser. I would like to share my ideas with you in what I call Ryutas Welt.

Ryuta Iwashita

A happy new year, kittens!

This time, it is probable that I had spent the most time on styling. It was not necessarily an unpleasant struggle but pleasant perfectionism. The outfit appears to be very traditionally done in a Western way, but I attempted to add some playful elements as usual, such as the large locket and dry flower to provide it with more random associations.

Jon, who works at The Field House, did an amazing job with modeling. Thank you, Jonjon. Also, I really appreciate the beautiful match between his character and the outfit!

The outfit includes: Filson Light Antique Tin Cloth Shirt, RRL Beacon Blanket Shirt, Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest, Filson Original Hunting Vest, Filson Shelter Brush Pant, vintage bandana, vintage silver turquoise locket, Selima Andy Optical in tortoise, Wings + Horns Leather Service Boot in brown.

Have you ever considered how much your aesthetic matters or reflects on others' aesthetics? Often times, when I cut my hair and result in an unfortunate appearance, I receive plenty of surprisingly nice comments on that miserable chunk of hair on my head. At the same time, I realize how much my aesthetic appears to matter merely in my mind's reality.

I am certain that this realization applies to fashion as well. By overanalyzing the fact that I wear pieces of art created by a bunch of different humans, with different aesthetics in order to express my own creativity and self, I can hardly ascertain the division between my aesthetic and others. However, one thing that I am pleased to mention is that wearing something is always a creative collaboration with the garment's creator. Just like with some multi-media forms of art, you are expressing your aesthetic with materials that contain others aesthetics. Thus, in some way, we are constantly interacting and merging with others so as to fully indicate your "self". On top of that, your aesthetic sometimes does not matter to this entire world, but it inspires somebody as inspirations perpetuate creativity.

The reason why I am so theoretical along the theme of aesthetics today is because as I styled outfits in the past, the conflict between my aesthetic and others' aesthetics had interfered my creativity, and I needed to analyze and bring that to a conclusion; that possessing your own aesthetic which includes others becomes inspiration for others.

I hope you enjoyed my third "Ryutas Welt".


Ryuta Iwashita