The first shipments from Diet Butcher Slim Skin's spring/summer 2010 collection should begin heading to us shortly, but for now please see below for a preview of some of the items we have on order. The collection title is "THORN" and, as is often the case, it is an intensely personal one to designer Hisashi Fukatami. Inspiration came while cleaning his work space after the completion of the previous season. As he was placing items on a shelf, he came across the design he had created for his mother's Christian grave; a simple cross.

(above photo is part of the DBSS SS2010 lookbook; more can be seen here)

Fukatami has incorporated this simple cross design into numerous clothing articles; in prints, perforations, subtle details, and the way clothes drape. As he was working with that idea, he met also a floral artist which lead him to choosing to use flowers in the collection's exhibition and of course designs. The title was chosen as "THORN" and the collection was born.

Check here for currently available DBSS stock. As always, please e-mail with any inquiries.