Tomorrow, one of Korea's most beloved rock bands will be making its way to Seattle. Kim Chang Wan Band is the current musical output of Korean musical legend and TV/film celebrity, Kim Chang Wan.

In the late 70s, Kim Chang Wan and his brothers, Kim Chang Hoon and Kim Chang Ik, formed the incredibly popular and influential band San Ul Lim. Before a break in the mid-80s, they released nearly a dozen albums of fuzzy psychedelic rock. The band had another stint of popularity in the mid-90s which resulted in the brothers getting back together and continuing as they had done previously. Sun Ul Lim, as a band, ceased to exist with the early 2008 death of the youngest brother, but Kim Chang Wan has since gotten together a new band for his songs. Of particular mention, the new band includes an excellent Japanese guitarist by the name of Yohei Hasegawa.

Kim Chang Wan Band is playing the Auburn Performing Arts Center on March 27th (today) at 7PM. Check it out!